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Kylie is an eternal optimist, but is constantly reminded that life doesn’t follow a plan.

A lawyer by training, Kylie has worked both in the corporate and pro-bono space, and volunteers as the Board Chair of a women and children's domestic violence refuge.  

Constantly striving to create harmony and cohesion while being an ambitious working parent; and having experienced a redundancy while on maternity leave, and the death of her husband when she was 30 years old, Kylie relates on a personal level.


Through the power of storytelling, Kylie aims to inspire and facilitate communication by talking openly about these matters, that affect us all.  Her insightful and humorous anecdotes are drawn from the classroom, boardroom, bathroom (because there's no privacy when you have a two year old!), hospital, mud floors in Africa, dingy bars in London - and on top of a bar on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island! 


Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, which Kylie delivers in spades.  


Kylie's first book, Memories are Forever, was published on 28 November 2019.

I have
  • Nardine Wimmin's Refuge

  • zero2hero, camp mentor and camp coordinator

  • The Hunger Project Australia, Immersion and Leadership Programme to Uganda, investor and "Tripper"

  • Virgin Unite via attendance at the Business Chicks and Virgin Unite Leadership Gathering

  • Dave Wilkie Memorial Basketball Day, benefiting Cancer Council WA

At a glance






Fun facts

Eternal optimist

Lateral thinker

Perceptive observer

Kind gesture believer

Boundary pusher

Champagne snob

Thoughtful friend

Willing participant

Proud mother

All-day grazer

Grateful daughter

Fashion lover

Thermomix master

Sports enthusiast

Opportunity jumper

Full-sentence text-messager


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