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Bright minds for a new year

Tell me one fact about Donald Trump and one fact about snakes, says Dylan as I tuck her into bed every night. It’s a strangle but fitting combo.

Tonight I tell her about the government shutdown, where honest, hardworking people didn’t get paid over Christmas.

I want to go to America and kick Donald Trump out of the country, she says, worried about her dad’s birthplace.

Well, I say, the best thing you can do is get a good night’s sleep and then spend your life using your amazing brain and beautiful heart to do wonderful things that let people like him know that their mean ideas aren’t welcome.

Now, it’s 10pm. SLEEP!

Happy new year, all. Let’s do wonderful things next year 😘

p.s. we got no good new year photos, so here are our Christmas photos, a week late 📸

Update: apparently he should be banished to Pluto because it’s the furtherest and coldest planet


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