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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Kylie Wilkie

My first husband was diagnosed with cancer when I was 13 weeks pregnant, with an IVF pregnancy.  He died the day our daughter turned 6 months. 

Fair to say it was a tumultuous time, which irrevocably impacted my personal life, both negatively and positively.  What I didn’t expect was the impact it would have on my professional life.  Following his death I returned to work with a lack of purpose and direction.  I practised for a few years after this, and then made a change to a community-focused role, wanting to provide support to people the way that my amazing network had supported me in my time of need.  

Fast forward 5 years, I found myself craving a challenge, but having not practised for 3 ½ years and on an extended maternity leave, following a redundancy.  The question looming over me was daunting:  how and where to start the job hunt?

Today I start a new role with Allens, and again the power of a network has pulled me through.  My first husband worked for Atlas Iron, and whenever I’m lost I ask David Flanagan for advice.  

This time David sent me to Mike O’Sullivan, who connected me with Josh Nisbett.  Following a decadent hot chocolate, Josh referred me to Kate Barret, who passed my CV to Jodi Reinmuth.  Jodi sent my CV to Gerard Woods, who sent it to Jenny Della Picca.  And here I am, day one of a new adventure, amazed at how it came about and deeply thankful for the opportunity and each person who played a part.

This thanks extends also to Matthew Bowen for fielding the referee calls, Sel Watts for being Self Watts, Sandra Nielson for her guidance, Rachel Frazer for knocking some sense into me and telling me to say no along the way, Gabrielle Iwanow for the pep talk, and Rebecca Poole for being my self-appointed mentor.   

For now, let the adventure begin!

#returntowork #workingmum


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