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lmost 15 years ago as a lone teenager living in London I bought Richard Branson's book, Losing My Virginity. On reading the book I learned of a magical, faraway place called Necker Island, and set it as my number one aspirational holiday destination.

Many years, and a few incarnations later, I am very excited to be boarding a plane to that very place in 8 hours.

Another would-be Necker resident said that even this close, it still almost seems mythical, like Neverland. But I always knew it was real and I always planned to go.

Somehow, someway.

What I couldn't have imagined is the series of events that has led me here. The way the last year has played out has almost been serendipitous. A career change and trip to Uganda, all part of the stars aligning.

So, while I always thought I'd get to Necker one day, I didn't think it'd be as early as tomorrow. For now it's time to sleep (so I can land somewhat rested!) and enjoy my time on this magical land with a bunch of amazing women - and a few good men!!


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