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Our first day

Monday was a day of firsts.

I attended my first Australian Institute of Energy Board meeting, but in doing so missed Dylan’s first day of year 2.

I had a shiny distraction for Dylan - her cousin had just moved from Paris to Perth, and Dylan got to the be the big kid that took her to school for her first day. So she was happy - but I wanted to be there. I didn’t feel guilty, just a little sad. But as I made my way to Sydney at an unearthly time of morning, it became clear I was where I was should be.

Before boarding I sat next to an woman, travelling to Portland - because her dad died. I was then seated next to another woman racing to Dallas with her 18 month old daughter - hopeful they’d make it before her mum died.

I had copies of Memories are Forever with me and handed them out, saying I was hopeful each woman could take comfort from it, likewise her daughter in years to come. I watched them tear up as they read it. And I played with the 18 month old most of the way to Sydney, which gave her mum a break - Josie and I became great buddies.

Then after the Board meeting I had a real conversation with a new friend. No small talk here. I’m now heading home and will make the third day of school.

No one has lost out, but people have benefited, including me and Dylan who will get to re-live the excitement of her first day tomorrow when we have our first day.


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