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When like-minds come together

In my (admitted, relatively short) experience, AGM's are often brief and clinical. An AGM is not a place for the usual boardroom discussion, but rather to address statutory requirements set out in a clinical agenda. And then split. STAT.

But tonight was different.

The first part of the agenda went to plan. We each said our piece and I moved the meeting along at a fairly swift pace. That is until Nardine's wonderful patron, Diana Warnock, spoke up with passion and engaged us in conversation about the issue that brought us together.

Why are the statistics around family and domestic violence so abhorrent in Australia?

What has and hasn't changed in the years since Diana first started championing for the cause?

Why does it seem that we're not making progress?

How can we help?

I am very grateful to work with many passionate women to create awareness about the issue so that we might empower change and ultimately play our part in preventing family and domestic violence.

So thank you to my wonderful Directors Vicky Moriarty, Amy Hallam, Jodi Cook, Kirsten Salmon and Kerry Bloxham, and to our CEO Kari Jameison for the hours of conversation this evening and your commitment to make a difference.

And thanks to Diana for getting the conversation started.


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