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Unexpected lessons on leadership

Leadership lessons can come from anyone, anywhere anytime, and Kylie will challenge your biases about from whom and where you learn - and start you thinking about the changes you can make to be the leader you want to become.

Thriving in adversity (1).png

Thriving in adversity

They say that the happiest people don't have the best of everything, they make the best of everything - but sometimes it's hard to see how we can derive good from the most trying of times.  In this talk, Kylie shares openly about her rawest moment - the death of her first husband when she was 30 years old; and provides you with honest and practical advice to thrive in adversity, not just survive. 

Do you (1).png

Do you

Gone are the days where we have to follow a strict set of life rules. There is no longer a universally agreed formula for success. No order in which we must get married and have babies; no time frame to wait before dating after a break-up or death; no restrictions on the trajectory in which we choose to take our careers.  Kylie believes that the only sure-fire path to credibility and opportunity is authenticity and vulnerability - and she will challenge you to always do you.  

Including kids in the conversation (1).p

Including kids in the conversation

Our children don't magically become the adult we want them to be, the day they turn 18. It's our job as parents, teachers and role models to shape our future leaders, and that means giving them a seat at the table and including them in the conversation - even when it's easier not to.  In this talk Kylie will share her learnings from speaking with her daughter about death, blended families, inclusion, speaking your mind, knowing your "why" and why being different is a good thing. 

Me too - now what_.png

#metoo - now what?

Lieutenant General David Morrison said, "the standard you walk past is the standard you accept". In Australia, where one women on average is murdered at the hands of a current or former partner each week, it seems that our standards are far too low.  As Chair of a domestic violence refuge, Kylie knows that systemic and cultural change is vital to eradicate this statistic - and she will challenge you to lift your standards and play your part to achieve the outcome we so desperately need. 

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Something else?

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss other topics, or would like to collaborate. 

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